Howard Evans (Neath Programme Notes)

Posted by Howard Evans on 07/10/2017

Welcome to all supporters of Aberavon and Neath for what is surely the match of the season at the Talbot Athletic Ground.

Never mind the Cup, the Premiership or anything else, this is the one that both clubs want to win most.

It is one of the great Derby games of the Welsh rugby calendar and we fully expect it to be played so today.

There will be players on both sides, and indeed today’s referee, who will never before have taken part in a Aberavon-Neath encounter. They will soon realize the importance of it!!

Journalists will tell us that the regional matches are the great Derby ones. They have to be joking. I was brought up on Cardiff-Newport matches and they meant more possibly than playing touring sides. The Arms Park and Rodney Parade used to be packed – yes, even Rodney Parade. And so too were the Gnoll and the Talbot Athletic Ground.

We hope it will be a goodly-sized crowd today and that you are all in good voice and ready for some good-natured banter before the after-match summaries by us all of who played well; who made mistakes and then we can’t wait to see the return match at the Gnoll.

The coaches today – Jason Hyatt and Gareth Llewellyn, I know will be passionate in their team talks. They have been here before, done it and have the scars to prove it.

But, they will, and so will we all, take a moment to wish Aberavon’s former captain and current backs coach LYNDON LEWIS a quick return to good health.

Lyndon is hoping to be here today and let us reflect on the fact that life is more important than a match between two old rivals – or is it?  Let us get on with 80 more magical moments of rugby history.

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