Howard Evans (Pontypridd Programme Notes)

Posted by Howard Evans on 14/04/2018

A big welcome from the WIZARDS to the players, coaches and supporters of Pontypridd RFC, who have been easily the best club in Wales over the last 20 years or so.

Aberavon had two great eras before and after World War 2, but Cardiff then had a great run before Llanelli took over for many years, until along came Pontypridd and they have stayed right up there ever since.

We remember thrilling games here that included the famous last-minute drop goal by Richard Carter and a 0-0 game of good quality between many of the younger players of both clubs, but also there were many Pontypridd wins of course.

Dennis John, Simon King (for both clubs), Dale McIntosh (who had one game for Aberavon away at Glamorgan Wanderers), Mark Wyatt, Justin Burnell, etc in charge off the field and players leading Ponty on the pitch such as Dafydd Lockyer, Nathan Strong (who had quite a few games for Aberavon), Rhys Shellard and Chris Dicomidis, being special unsung players.

The current Ponty side has a lot of new faces in it, but if they are good enough to play at Sardis Road, then they certainly are top stars of the future. It would be nice if that was recognized by the Western Mail and South Wales Echo, but that will never be the case of their one-eyed writers and only Phil Steele and Nick Webb of the Welsh media have any real knowledge (or interest) in Premiership rugby.

I once played on Ynysyngharad Park when I happened to lay out the Ponty fly half Billy Griffiths, though I only had a warning as there were no cards in 1959!! Playing against me was Eddie Jones, who later gave great service to Wizards’ coach Chris O’Callaghan and to Aberavon.

Good luck to all today. We will see a REAL game and a real referee in Ian Davies from Porthcawl.

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