Merlin Man Of The Match

The Aberavon Supporters Club run a "Merlin Man Of The Match" award, sponsored by Tomos Watkins Brewery. The award spans all league matches and cup matches. Points are awarded to players as follows - 3 points for being chosen as "Merlin Man Of The Match" with those voted second and third getting 2 and 1 points respectively.

Pos Player Points
1 Ben Davies 9
2 Jacob Flynn 7
3 Luke Davies 6
4 Lee Purnell 4
=5 James Garland 3
=5 Rheon James 3
=7 Shaun Pearce 2
=7 Jonathan Phillips 2
=7 Craig Price 2
=7 Mike Wilson 2
=11 Chris Banfield 1
=11 Luke Joseph 1

N.B. Please see the match reports to see the results of the "Merlin Man Of The Match" award for a specific game.

Thanks to Jeff Preece for the Merlin Man Of The Match details that appear here.

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