Tata Steel Sports Camps

In the October half term, the Wizards teamed up with Tata Steel to deliver a rugby and netball sport camp for children aged 6 to 9.

The camp was a free initiative to provide 100 children with the opportunity to continue to physically active during the half term break from schools, but also to receive quality coaching in rugby and netball.

Sam Williams, Aberavon Community Officer, said, “The half term camp has been another great success. Over 100 children have benefited from attending the camp and hopefully we have passed on new knowledge or increased the motivation for some of the children to join an external club in the Port Talbot area”.

Nia Singleton, Community Liaison manager, Wales at Tata Steel adds “Tata Steel are delighted to be able to work with our community partners Aberavon RFC again to provide another excellent opportunity for young people in our community. Leading an active life and being engaged in a physical activity is so important, and it is vital that children get the opportunity at a young age to enjoy and develop these skills. What we’re most proud about is that this camp was free to access, making it accessible to all”

The half term camp was held at the all-new Ysgol Bae Baglan School [YBB], which gave the half term camp an excellent feel with first class facilities on offer.

Additionally, the coaches that helped out during the camp were all pupils of YBB. “Receiving help from the students of YBB not only helps Aberavon RFC in the community, but it also aids the students career development in terms of work based learning. Overall it has been a positive initiative from a few different angles”.

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