Over the last 7 Weeks the Wizards Community team has been running a new ‘Masterclass’ programme, focusing on coaching technical skills to U13’s/14’s players. It was felt by the community team that there was a lack of technical knowledge around Port Talbot and in particular when it came to lineout lifting/jumping and scrummaging.

At this age group these skills are introduced to the community game and we felt any tips, pointers or knowledge that Aberavon RFC can pass back to the community can only have a positive outcome on the game of rugby within Port Talbot.

Each week we focused on a new technical area giving the players new coaching points and teaching them the safety aspects of these skills in order for the players to become more confident executing them.

Both Aberavon RFC players and coaches have fully backed this programme by giving up their time to come and coach different sessions, interact with the young players and help them develop their own game.

It is a credit to the environment and culture at Aberavon RFC that current players and coaches are happy to go out in to the community and help young aspiring players to improve their game and knowledge.

This will hopefully help not only increase the standard of rugby within the area but also the participation numbers which would be huge positive for Port Talbot. The programme has proved very worthwhile with a clear development shown by all the players who have attended throughout the 7 weeks.

Hopefully these young players will continue to enjoy the game of rugby, continue to develop their skills and learning of the game and who knows? Maybe they will be the next stars to wear the famous Red and Black jersey of the ‘Wizards.’

Sam Willams.

Fostering NPT