Chris Davies Leads the Attack

Ex-Wizard Chris Davies will coach both sides of the ball in the 2022/23 season.

Current Aberavon Defence Coach Chris Davies will coach both attack and defence in the forthcoming season.

Davies made 227 appearances for Aberavon with his last game against Merthyr in the Premiership Final in 2017. Since retiring Chris moved into his new role as the Defence coach at the club.

During the last three-seasons Chris has been Head Coach of Ospreys U18s and coached Cardiff University in the BUCS Super League facilitating both attack and defence.

Head Coach Jason Hyatt said.

“Chris has done an outstanding job with our defence and understands how to get the very best out of our players.

He has a massive work rate and his delivery is of the highest standard.

Chris has some exciting ideas to introduce and an excellent understanding of what is required to cause organised defences problems.

I’m positive our attacking game will continue to evolve and the style of rugby we all love to see will thrive”.

Newly appointed attack coach Chris Davies added.

“I am thrilled to be offered such an opportunity at Aberavon.

We have some special talent at the club and have signed some unreal players that will help shape our new direction in attack.

The challenge is to shift the mindset within the team and to fully unlock the teams potential. which along with the other coaches we will strive to do.

I will fully immerse myself into this role and give everything I have to help improve the players and the team – no short on what they truly deserve”.