Nutriade Fuelling the Wizards

Aberavon Rugby Club is proud to announce a new partnership with Nutriade to aid and increase players recovery.

At Nutriade, they recognise the need for advanced sports nutrition – clean, fast-acting fuel that won’t slow you down during your busy lifestyle. With zero sugar, zero fillers, and exceptional taste, they are there to help you triumph inside and outside the gym as your clean-cut companion.

Head of Communications at Aberavon, Chris Davies, said.

“This is another example of how we as an organisation feel that our players nutrition is vital in order to perform and recover accordingly. 

Nutriade offer a tasty, zero sugar, high protein water-based product that will assist in our semi-professional athlete’s nutrition plan.

It is a superb product and we are proud to be working with Nutriade.”

While whey protein has fulfilled its purpose in terms of convenience for many gym goers, football nutrition enthusiasts and go-getters, it’s simply not enough. Nutriade have taken it a step further. Unlike other whey protein supplements, Nutriades clear protein drink has an unrivalled flavour profile that is light and crisp without compromising on your post-workout gains.

It’s low calorie high protein too, with zero fat and zero lactose to boot. We’ve left you with the best parts of milk, giving you a pure protein source that won’t leave you feeling bloated.

Nutriade contains high levels of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) critical for muscle building and recovery, making Nutriade a highly effective and complete protein source to help you exceed your limits.

Iwan from Nutriade added.

“At Nutriade, we want to support and help Welsh teams develop with their nutritional requirements.

Also, this is an additional way to showcase our product and the benefits of protein water to the rugby community.”

A product that is vigorously tested to be able to be consumed by athletes, also to help teams provide their team with the nutritional support they deserve.”

Iwan from Nutriade commented about the reason of their decision to partner with the Wizards.

“Our decision to partner with Aberavon RFC is built around our beliefs in offering local grass root, semi pro & pro teams the opportunity of an elite nutritional product.”

Chris Davies added.

“The partnership is not just about promoting the product to our players, we aim to showcase the product to the rugby community using our brand.”

Iwan ended by saying.

It’s a massive honour to be associated with such a decorated, welsh rugby club.It’s massive exposure within the Indigo Welsh premiership means that we can gain exposure in a relevant market, with help from one of the most historically rich clubs in Wales.”

If you would like to find out more about Nutriade – please click this link.