Wizards get Energy Kick with BELTER

Aberavon Rugby Club is proud to partner with BELTER to elevate performance to the next level.

BELTER is a new international company based in the UK that believes pouches are the best way to deliver a boost to mental and physical performance.

Head of Communications at Aberavon, Chris Davies, said.

“We are always looking for that edge to increase performance.

It was obvious after speaking with BELTER that they have exactly what we are looking for in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of a performance-based product.”

BELTER is a revolutionary caffeine performance pouches are set to change the game for athletes by delivering a new way to combat fatigue & enhance performance.

Tom Higgins from BELTER added.

“We are happy to announce our association with Aberavon Rugby Club, a prestigious rugby club with a rich history of success.

This partnership reflects our passion for excellence. We believe that this partnership is not just about what we can bring to Aberavon but also about what we can learn and gain from this collaboration.”

The players at Aberavon have already started using the product and have great feedback.

Stef Andrews, rugby player at Aberavon commented.

“I have used BELTER for three games, I have certainly felt a different edge after using the product and has certainly prolonged fatigue.

The product is easy to use, slides straight under the top lip.

I have felt such a difference in my performance.”

BELTER aim to work with players so they can understand the performance benefits of their product & the varying use cases of it. Additionally, BELTER will work closely together with Aberavon Rugby club to organise grassroots events with community clubs giving them an opportunity to sample BELTER and educating people on the performance benefits of the product.

The partnership will extend beyond the rugby field through collaboration on marketing and promotional activities, leveraging each other’s networks and resources to increasing collective reach.

Aberavon Rugby Club is now a BELTER affiliate where commission can be built to raise funds for the club.

Tom Higgins added.

“We are excited about the future and the positive impact we can create together.”

To purchase BELTER products please use this link.

Use code ABERAVON50